Promotional Videos & TV Spots
Concept Development, Scripwriting, Production, and more.
Client: Various clients in Healthcare, Education, and Manufacturing

JPAC provides concept development, copy writing, and design services for various marketing collateral materials such as flyers, postcards, and brochures.

Presentation Brochure
Art Direction & Copy Editing
Client: Museum of Redlands
Presentation Brochure
Design, Copy Editing; Art Direction
Client: Solid Landings Behavioral Health
Print Collateral
Copy Writing, Editing, Design & Art Direction
Client: Various
Design, Copy Writing & Editing; Art Direction
Client: Solid Landings Behavioral Health

JPAC provides concept development, writing, as well as design and art direction to develop campaigns, along with the partnership of talented photgraphers, designers & artists to execute the creative direction of the campaign.

Campaign Development
Concept Development, Design & Art Direction, Copy Writing, Production
Client: Loma Linda University Health & Children's Hospital
Print Advertising
Concept Development, Design & Art Direction, Copy Writing, Production
Client: Various 

JPAC can help guide your organization to define or reimagine your brand. Creating standards and guidelines for your organization helps to protect and maintain the integrity of your brand.

Corporate Style & Brand Guide
Brand Definition, Writing, Design & Art Direction
Client: Solid Landings Behavioral Helath
Art & Design Direction, Design,  Concept Development
Client: Various

JPAC provides corporate coaching and research to help assess internal communications, corporate culture, and provide guidance in identifying what makes an organization tick! 

Mission, Vision & Values

By working closely with Solid Landings, JPAC was able to guide the organization in redefining their Mission and Vision, as well as identifying their shared core values to differentiate and brand themselves as a values-driven organization.

Mission, Vision & Values

Helping Asana Recovery through the process of defining their organizational culture through their Mission, Vision and Values




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